Where To Blog

Ben Thompson at his newly launched personal blog.

That led to a number of questions as to where one should create a blog; helpfully, I now have a blog where I can answer exactly these sorts of questions!

Although I’m pretty familiar with how to launch a site and where to host, I’m always interested to learn how others do it. Ben’s post is what pushed me to relaunch this site. Pretty great explanation on how he put his site together.

I’m Back

Hello and welcome back to my site. By url count, this is the third iteration of this site. After absolutjay.com and humblenerd.com, I was able to secure jaytorres.net for, probably, my final url for my online presence. And luckily, it’s something that is memorable and won’t go out of style. I’ll admit, I thought my previous urls were cool at the time, but looking back, I cringe. And after using Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, and now back to WordPress, I’ve settled back into a CMS that is flexible, powerful, and where I can easily take control of my content if I choose to go elsewhere.

My goal for this site hasn’t changed: I want to post my thoughts and interesting links I come across. Thanks for reading and I’m excited to get back into this!