Garage Insulation [Update]

I’m in the process of building a home office in my garage. The walls are finished but there is very little insulation. The winters are tolerable but the summers are uncomfortable.

I looked into garage insulation panels. I ordered a set and installed them today. I had leftover so I hastily patched some on the bare roof above my desk.

On the warmest days, it’ll get up to 90F in the garage. It looks like we have a hot week ahead and I’m looking forward to seeing if these work or not.

Update: After a couple days, it seems like the insulation is working. While it still gets warm, it seems like the rate that the garage heats up is slower and the max it’s gotten in here is 86-88F. Which makes sense.

The insulation slows the heat transfer from outside, through the garage door, to the inside of the garage. And since it slows the rate of transfer down, by the time the sun has moved across the sky, it never has a chance to heat up the garage.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the insulation. It doesn’t get uncomfortably hot and it makes the garage door look decent.