Scott Galloway on Elon Musk

Scott Galloway on the Pivot podcast on the lack of governance at Elon Musk’s companies:

I think the key issue here and what I would describe as the learning or the takeaway for young people, and that is the most important thing you can have in your life is people who love you and serve as guardrails. And to have people idolize you is different than having people who love you. And I think the guy has a lot of the former and not a lot of the latter, and as someone who has participated in interventions, they don’t invite powerful, important people to those interventions. They invite people who love you, and this is turning into a cautionary tale along the lines of Tony Hsieh, because you have a guy who, as far as I can tell, is living alone, doesn’t have a close relationship with a romantic partner or his children, and is, quite frankly, just fucking off the rails, and if, at the age of 52, You don’t have people in your life who can sit you down and you listen to, cause you know that it’s not that they got rich because of you. It’s not because they think you’re just so fucking awesome and can land rockets on two surfboards. It’s because they just full stop care about you. If you don’t have that, especially men, you literally can lose it all.

I’d keep an eye out for this Musk guy.