Garage Insulation [Update]

I’m in the process of building a home office in my garage. The walls are finished but there is very little insulation. The winters are tolerable but the summers are uncomfortable.

I looked into garage insulation panels. I ordered a set and installed them today. I had leftover so I hastily patched some on the bare roof above my desk.

On the warmest days, it’ll get up to 90F in the garage. It looks like we have a hot week ahead and I’m looking forward to seeing if these work or not.

Update: After a couple days, it seems like the insulation is working. While it still gets warm, it seems like the rate that the garage heats up is slower and the max it’s gotten in here is 86-88F. Which makes sense.

The insulation slows the heat transfer from outside, through the garage door, to the inside of the garage. And since it slows the rate of transfer down, by the time the sun has moved across the sky, it never has a chance to heat up the garage.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the insulation. It doesn’t get uncomfortably hot and it makes the garage door look decent.

Kuya Lord Chef Lord Maynard Llera Wins James Beard Award for Best Chef: California

It’s so awesome to see Filipino food and Filipino chefs honored for their achievements.

Kuya Lord has received numerous accolades over the past two years, including landing on the Los Angeles Times’ 101 Best Restaurants and Bon Appétit’s 24 Best New Restaurants for 2023. As one of the highest-regarded restaurants in Los Angeles’s expansive Filipino dining scene, this award puts Kuya Lord on the national map alongside Chicago’s tasting menu restaurant Kasama and Seattle’s Musang.

Obvious travel advice

I love lists. Some good tips on traveling.

30. Time seems to speed up as you get older. And you wonder—is it biological, or is it because life had more novelty when you were a child? Travel partly answers this question—with more novelty, time slows way down again.

31. My favorite part of of travel is the perspective it gives on “regular” life. Why do I live the way I do? Is the stuff I do for work what I want to be doing? Should I blog about a “topic” instead of whatever shiny object last caught my eye? These thoughts seem healthy but also… not particularly related to traveling? If you designed an experience to create this kind of perspective, what would that look like?

43. Travel reveals the value of stability, roots, routine, community, relationships, and cooking at home.

Number 43 is so true. After a few days away, nothing feels better than coming home.

Vitsoe vs USM shelving

Fatih Arslan has a Vitsoe 606 set up and talks about the differences between Vitsoe and USM.

Someone asked this question on Twitter recently. Both are great brands with great products that have been used for decades. They are iconic and still used after so many years. This is a subjective comparison; obviously, they are very different regarding looks and usability. I have an extensive Vitsoe 606 setup but plan to extend certain places with USM. Some friends use USM, and I’ve seen them as well.

Come for the information, stay for the beautiful pictures.

The Technium: 101 Additional Advices

Kevin Kelly with another list of great bits of advice.

Six years ago I celebrated my 68th birthday by gifting my children 68 bits of advice I wished I had gotten when I was their age. Every birthday after that I added more bits of advice for them until I had a whole book of bits. That book was published a year ago as Excellent Advice for Living, which many people tell me they read very slowly, just one bit per day. In a few days I will turn 73, so again on my birthday, I offer an additional set of 101 bits of advice I wished I had known earlier. None of these appear in the book; they are all new. If you enjoy these, or find they resonate with your own experience, there are 460 more bits in my Excellent Advice book, all neatly bound between hard covers, in a handy size, ready to gift to a person younger than yourself.

East Coast quakes are felt farther than West Coast ones

The reason? The rocky underground east of the Rocky Mountains is generally hundreds of millions of years older than the subterranean formations east of that range. Being older means that those rocks are harder and denser, and the older fault lines have had more time to heal.

All of that means that seismic waves travel much more easily across the eastern U.S. The reverse is the case in the West, where the much younger faults absorb more of the seismic wave energy, which, as a result, doesn’t spread as efficiently as it does in the East.

I had no idea.