Obvious travel advice

I love lists. Some good tips on traveling.

30. Time seems to speed up as you get older. And you wonder—is it biological, or is it because life had more novelty when you were a child? Travel partly answers this question—with more novelty, time slows way down again.

31. My favorite part of of travel is the perspective it gives on “regular” life. Why do I live the way I do? Is the stuff I do for work what I want to be doing? Should I blog about a “topic” instead of whatever shiny object last caught my eye? These thoughts seem healthy but also… not particularly related to traveling? If you designed an experience to create this kind of perspective, what would that look like?

43. Travel reveals the value of stability, roots, routine, community, relationships, and cooking at home.

Number 43 is so true. After a few days away, nothing feels better than coming home.