Dad Things – Ted Lasso, S2 E8

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Hey Friend,

Hopefully, this shows up in your mailbox like each past newsletter did. I decided to switch back to Revue due to their integration with Twitter. The kids are back in school (full time!) and things are back to somewhat normal in terms of work and school schedules.

Labor Day just passed and we’re into the home stretch of the year. I’m hoping we don’t hit a major surge with Delta going into the winter (get vaccinated!), but I’m feeling good heading into the last quarter of 2021.

The Acura Integra Type R Lives Up to Every Teenage Dream

This was such a great read and brought me back to my high school days.

Why Managers Fear a Remote-Work Future

This paragraph right here 🔥

Remote work empowers those who produce and disempowers those who have succeeded by being excellent diplomats and poor workers, along with those who have succeeded by always finding someone to blame for their failures. It removes the ability to seem productive (by sitting at your desk looking stressed or always being on the phone), and also, crucially, may reveal how many bosses and managers simply don’t contribute to the bottom line.

Parents Are Not Okay

Instead it was a year in limbo: school on stuttering Zoom, school in person and then back home again for quarantine, school all the time and none of the time. No part of it was good, for kids or parents, but most parts of it were safe, and somehow, impossibly, we made it through a full year. It was hell, but we did it. We did it.

2020 was definitely one of the most difficult years ever. Things aren’t completely back to normal, but I’m SO THANKFUL that in our school district, the kids are safely back in school.

The Next Pandemic

Vox’s Explained series on Netflix is excellent. They’re 3 seasons in and each episode is interesting. This episode on “The Next Pandemic” was filmed in 2019. Really. You can’t watch it without thinking how the US, and most countries in the world, completely botched their response.


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