Laguna Beach 92651

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I’ve always loved driving, especially along Pacific Coast Highway. I took the above picture back in 2004 (on my Powershot A40) once I discovered this amazing stretch of highway between Newport Coast and Laguna Beach. I’d go on this drive often, usually for fun or to clear my mind.

Thanks in no small part to shows like The OC and MTV’s Laguna Beach reality show, I became fascinated with the thought of living here. The storylines and staged or not staged drama of the shows were just entertainment, but it was fun to hear and see the characters go to various spots in Orange County. Ones that my roommates and I often sought out. Heck, I even bought a skimboard after watching the kids do it on the show.

Back in March, we closed escrow on a townhome in Laguna Beach. Now almost 20 years after this picture was taken, it is almost unbelievable that I get to call this place home.

My wife and I are homeowners in Laguna Beach. If you would have told me that I’d be married with two kids, a corgi, and a home in Laguna Beach, the married with two kids and a dog are completely plausible. I would not have believed the Laguna Beach part.

It’s been almost 7 months since we closed and moved in and it still feels unreal whenver we drive into Downtown or drive that same stretch of highway to Trader Joe’s or the kids’ schools.

Who would’ve thought? Not me that’s for sure but here we are now.

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